Locksmith the repairman

Locksmith the repairman

January 27, 2021 Off By Rob Prosser

Locksmith the repairman disassembles faulty components, replaces or manufactures individual parts, assemblies, adjusts, tests them at idle, lubricates. He must monitor the technical condition of the equipment in its field of maintenance, carry out constant technical inspections, eliminate minor problems, carry out current and major repairs of equipment.

Working Conditions

The locksmith the repairman has an 8-hour working day with a regulated lunch break. During the day, the worker has the right to take several short breaks for rest, which are set by the worker or crew. Typically, these breaks occur after a certain stage of work. Short breaks prevent fatigue.

Educational Preparation

The locksmith-repairman should know the device of the repaired equipment, units, and cars; rules of regulation of cars; ways to eliminate defects in the process of repair, assembly, and testing of equipment, units, and machines; device, purpose, and rules of application of control and measuring instruments; design of universal and special devices; ways of a marking and processing of simple various details; a system of tolerances and landings; qualities and roughness parameters; properties of acid-resistant and other alloys; basic provisions of planned and preventive equipment repair.

The locksmith-repairman must be able to: disassemble, assemble and test simple components and mechanisms of the equipment, units, and machines; to carry out metalwork processing of details; perform work with the use of pneumatic, electric tools, and drilling machines; to carry out scraping of details by means of mechanical tools; make simple devices for repair and assembly; use materials sparingly, comply with the requirements of occupational safety, industrial sanitation, fire protection, and internal regulations. In general, the work performed by a locksmith-repairman can be attributed to work of medium severity.

Requirements for Individual Features of the Locksmith-Repairman

In every case, there is a sphere of application of the mind. The intellectual component in the activity occupies an important place in the performance of diagnostic operations, in the modeling and manufacture of devices for dismantling components and parts, in choosing the optimal technology for the restoration of worn parts.

The locksmith-repairman must be able to identify the causes of problems with the equipment. That is important not only sensory sensations but also the processes of thinking, reproduction, evaluation, and analysis of changes in the operation of equipment. It is a meaningful understanding of the situation that helps to solve a practical problem – to find the causes of equipment problems and eliminate them. The locksmith also needs such qualities as self-control, balance, restraint, self-control. Lack of these qualities – one of the causes of injuries, violations of discipline at work.

Medical Contraindications

The profession is contraindicated for people suffering from diseases of the musculoskeletal system, respiratory system (bronchial asthma), diseases of the cardiovascular system, prone to allergic diseases, as well as severe visual and hearing defects, mental disorders.

Professional Training Requirements

The locksmith-repairman must have good eyesight; accuracy and coordination of movements, balance, patience, observation, attentiveness, a high level of technical and operational thinking, spatial imagination, concentration; operative and long-term memory, sociability, sense of responsibility, politeness, accuracy. These qualities of the worker are of great importance when reading drawings when assembling and disassembling components and mechanisms.

Related Professions

Plumber, turner, miller.

Prospects of Professional Growth and Career

Increasing the complexity of work, increasing the category, wages. Administrative growth: locksmith, senior locksmith in the team, technician.

Labor Market

Such specialists are needed for different types of products because it is a narrow specialization of locksmiths, whose training and education is conducted for the industry where they will work. Locksmith-repairman is engaged in repair, installation, adjustment, adjustment, and diagnostics of mechanisms. After identifying the problem, he carries out repairs, replacement of damaged parts, installation of new ones. This profession is necessary for mechanical engineering, construction, chemical industry, and farming because machines and mechanisms have become an integral part of our lives. It is difficult to overestimate the importance of this profession because the smooth operation of any production is provided by a locksmith-repairman.