Implement home automation at home

Implement home automation at home

February 8, 2021 Off By Natalie Leary

Do you know what are the advantages of implementing home automation at home? We tell you how to turn your home into a smart home in an easy and simple way.

With the advancement of technology, everything tends to be automated and our houses are no exception. Imagine that you are miles away from your usual home, but you can control various objects in your house as if you were there. Turn the lights on or off, raise or lower the blinds, detect gas leaks and cut off the valve … and all from an app! Awesome, right? At Automated Innovation we tell you what home automation is at home and how you can use it to improve your life.

What is home automation?

Home automation is made up of all those systems that allow communication between the user and a circuit of connected home devices through the Internet of Things (electrical appliances, sensors, blinds, light bulbs, cameras …) Taking advantage of a WiFi connection, the system collects and automates the orders established by the user. Everything ends in the home automation central, where with the push of a button, we will make an object behave as we want. And if we prefer to use an app from our mobile phone, we can also.

In short, it is a concept that will mark the future in global relationships and goes far beyond your home. Cars driving alone, automated processes in high military operations … Everything progresses at breakneck speed. Are you feeling overwhelmed? Don’t worry, things are much simpler. At home, a series of small gestures can save you time and effort, which you can use for whatever you want.

Home automation

As we have already mentioned, you can make your home smart if you follow a few small steps. Look around you, there are many more possibilities than you think:

  • Security cameras: this is something that many of you will surely already have, but its possibilities have improved a lot. They all come already connected to a Wi-Fi network so you can see everything that happens in your home from your mobile at anytime and anywhere in the world.
  • WiFi video intercom: evolution of cameras, allowing to detect movement in the outdoor environments of your home. In addition, you will know who is ringing you before hearing their voice, since you will be able to see them at all times.
  • Smart plugs: it seems difficult for something so simple to enclose such a complete utility. There are two types:
    1. Controllable plugs by remote control.
    2. Extra functions, programmable or even capable of integration with other objects in your home.
  • Thermostats for energy saving:  surely you have heard many times that you must be efficient. Previously, we all used a manual regulator, with the errors that can be associated with it. The analog age is on the decline, so you can make the leap to digital. Heating, showering or even automated washing machines or dryers, a small investment that you will notice on your bill at the end of the month.
  • Smart bulbs: LED technology has become a common companion in our houses and streets. Now we can take one more step: regulate the use of light on a scheduled basis. Imagine that you want to sleep at 12 at night. At that time, you can progressively lower the lighting level until it is completely dark.
  • Blinds: you can raise and lower them automatically, without having to manually operate all of the ones in your home.

Advantages of smart homes

  • Simplification and increased quality of life: less time for your usual tasks, more peace of mind and possibilities.
  • Greater energy efficiency and savings: by regulating the use of technology you will be able to reduce costs and also be ecological, by avoiding so much waste of resources that you do not even use.
  • Avoid and act fast in the face of catastrophes or assaults: you will have more time to react to a robbery, flood, pipe breakage or any circumstance that happens to you. You can even take steps to reduce its impact (close the taps, the boiler or the doors).

If you are thinking of selling your house, making your home smart can increase, and not a little, the value. Find out more by visiting Automated Innovation today!

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