Diamond: Properties and uses

Diamond: Properties and uses

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In terms of physical properties, diamonds are identical to diamonds. In terms of beauty, a diamond is much superior to a natural diamond crystal. Treated stones are used only for decorative purposes – making jewelry, souvenirs. Some people endow diamonds with magical and healing properties.

Therefore, the jewel is used for healing, conducting magical rituals. Physical properties A diamond is made up of carbon atoms. Chemical formula – C. Atoms are arranged in a strict order, forming cubes. The density of a diamond is 3.47-4.55 grams per cubic centimeter. The hardness is 10 on the Mohs scale – it is the hardest substance. At the same time, it is quite fragile, it can be broken by hitting it hard with a heavy object.

The melting point under normal conditions is 4000 degrees. In a vacuum, a diamond burns out at 700-900 degrees.

Healing properties

This is actively used in lithotherapy. This is a branch of medicine that uses stones to heal. Lithotherapists believe that the jewel has the following healing properties: reduction of headache; increased mood; improving the quality of sleep, eliminating insomnia and nightmares; strengthening the heart muscle, normalizing pressure; improving the condition of the skin, hair, and nails.

To reveal the healing properties, experts recommend wearing a stone on the left hand or in the area of ​​the heart. It is useful to drink the water in which the diamond lay.

Magical properties

The diamond is the king of all precious stones. Therefore, it must belong to a strong and powerful person. The magical properties of this stone have been known for a long time. Sages and mediums endow with the following qualities: the stone brings good luck to the soldiers, protects them from death in battle; enhances human energy, moreover, not only positive but also negative; strengthens the health of the owner; improves communication skills; gives charm to the owner.

The magical properties are most evident if the owner has pure and good thoughts. If a person is plotting evil, his plans will be frustrated and turn against him.

Who is suitable for a stone according to the sign of the zodiac and the name?

In astrology, this stone is associated with the Sun. Therefore, the stone is suitable for all signs of the zodiac, but some nuances should be taken into account.

Signs and Features:

Aries, Sagittarius, Leo

They perceive the energy of the stone better than other signs, use it for their own purposes.

Libra, Aquarius

The jewel helps these signs to cope with shortcomings, gain self-confidence.


A white or blue diamond is suitable for Capricorn, which will help achieve the desired goals.

Cancer, Pisces

Will help to streamline thoughts, give vitality


Taurus needs a black diamond, it will give self-confidence


Green diamond will strengthen health, help to find wealth

Virgo, Scorpio

A stone of any color other than black will bring luck in life

Diamond suits the owners of strong names – Alexander, Victor, Konstantin, Anna, Maria, Margarita. For such people, the jewel will bring success in their careers and personal life.

Stone jewelry

Women are not advised to buy diamond jewelry on their own. It should be a gift from a man, only then will he fully reveal his characteristics. The setting is selected depending on the color of the crystal. Any metal is suitable for white – gold, silver, platinum. Black gets only platinum.

Reds and purples look good in white gold, and browns in yellow. Jewelry must be properly cared for, then it will retain its beauty for a long time. Care guidelines include: wear jewelry so that cosmetics and chemicals do not get on them; you can not wear jewelry in the bath, sauna, solarium – from the heat a white bloom forms on the diamond; keep diamond jewelry separate from others; clean It with a soft cloth moistened with soapy water.

This stone jewelry is only suitable for special occasions. They are rarely worn to work or to a university – in the daytime, the shine is lost, best of all it reveals their beauty with electric light or candles. For everyday wear, a modest ring or stud earrings with small crystals are suitable. Large jewelry, sets should be worn with evening dresses, in a festive atmosphere. Even modest jewelry should be worn with formal attire. An office suite is best. This jewelry does not match with jeans and T-shirts. To go to a restaurant, you should choose a plain dress or suit, without sequins and sequins.

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