Choosing The Perfect Engagement rings Is Easy

Choosing The Perfect Engagement rings Is Easy

July 17, 2020 Off By Pinakin Vaghela

According to a study by the jewelry firm Tiffany & Co., a woman watches her engagement rings nearly a million times in her lifetime. A very significant figure that makes the choice of this jewel more complex than some would have imagined. But how is that perfect piece, capable of falling in love? Experts assure that the ideal engagement rings exists for every woman. A jewel that, like her wedding dress , adapts to her tastes and personality and, in a way, represents everything that she is. “We ask how is the person who is going to receive the jewel: your tastes, style … You have to know what the right questions are, and with this, our experts are able to find the perfect jewel for each person, “explains Gabriel Suarez, Creative Director of the Suarez jewelry firm.”

Give what same the amount of diamonds, the engagement rings that makes your pupils dilate instantly, that’s the perfect piece, “says Jonathan González CEO of David Locco, an organic diamond firm.In the world of bridal jewelry there are also trends. The choices of the famous for their links and their commitments usually mark, in a way, the choices of the girls who will marry in the coming months. When we saw the engagement rings that Prince William gave Kate Middleton , the number of brides who opted for blue stone solitaires grew. Even now, almost 10 years after announcing their link, these designs, in which the blue sapphire is the protagonist, are present in almost all collections. “The famous ones, undoubtedly influence the consumer at the time of the choice, since they are prescribers and offer that certainty and security in a piece that, after all, is an investment”Jonathan says.

But if there is a model that does not fail, it is the most classic solitaire.” In engagement, white gold and diamonds are usually the most desired . Diamond is still the most special stone they seek to give away to capture that unique moment. The diamond represents eternity, “Gabriel tells us. Jonathan adds that its resistance – it is the hardest stone known – symbol of the durability of marriage, also makes it one of the most preferred for engagement.” On the other hand, We could say that the brilliant cut is always the most sought after , since it is the one that best reflects light, “he points out.

What To Consider When Buying An Engagement rings :

Every time it is more frequent that the boys go alone to buy the engagement rings of their girlfriend. A jewel that used to be purchased on the advice of a woman close to the family. In addition, many already have a more or less clear idea of ​​what they are looking for thanks to the research they have done through the Internet and social networks. However, when choosing such a piece, it is important not only that it is beautiful, but also that it meets a series of quality standards. ” Quality is the key, which is defined by the cut, color and purity of engagement rings .

At Suarez we only work with the best cut engagement rings those classified as Excellent and Very Good; with the best colors, from D to H; and with a very high purity that varies from IF (without inclusions) to SI1 (small imperceptible inclusions). The size and size depend on the tastes of each woman, “Gabriel tells us.But not only the quality is important. It is also essential to know that, in recent years, girls have opted for pieces of engagement rings jewelry that, although special and full of meaning, can be worn in their day to day . A trend that Jonathan seems to have clear. “The idea is that it is a jewel that enhances the look on the most important day of your life, but that it can be worn on as many occasions as possible.” 

Gabriel goes one step further and explains that “in recent years, at Suarez we have worked to connect jewelery with the largest number of people, transforming the idea of” a jewel for a special occasion “into” jewelery amulets that count stories and connect with a new woman”This new profile wants to enjoy its amulets in its day to day and, therefore, we transmit what inspires and excites us through new jewels with a great storyloving behind it.”

Custom Rings, The Choice Of The Most Creative Couples :

It is increasingly common for brides to choose a tailored dress for their big day . The reasons behind this choice are many, but almost all are usually related to the search for a design that fits 100% with her personality. A trend that also carries over to ring. The jewelery offered by David Locco, for example, is ideal for those couples who, in addition to taking care of their relationship, feel a special desire to do the same with the environment. ” Our laboratory created diamonds are environmentally friendly and sustainable. 

It is a global trend, in the US the main actresses have joined the diamonds engagement rings created in the laboratory, it also helps that one of the forerunners in that country was Leonardo Di Caprio, “explains the CEO of the firm.Gabriel, for his part, explains to us that in Suarez they have the Sur Mesure custom jewelery service in which it is possible to make a totally unique piece a reality. “There is nothing more exciting for us than creating a custom jewel. It all starts when our designers and sales teams meet with the person engagement rings to get to know them better., as well as the jewel you are looking for, your tastes, your personality … From the first moment a very special bond is created. 

Engagement rings

From here, the creative team gets to work on the designs and begins to shape the first ideas. In a second meeting, several hand-drawn sketches are shown, from which the final piece is chosen. The entire process usually lasts a minimum of two months, although sometimes it can take up to half a year. “Although the price of these pieces varies depending on the materials used and the complexity of the design, the truth is that there are options from 3,000 euros.

The Importance Of Jewelry In A Bridal Look :

Almost no bride gives up wearing her Diamond ring on the big day, but most complete their bridal look with more jewelry . Thanks to those of us who have been able to verify on social networks and the responses of many of our viral girlfriends, it is possible to conclude that, although many dispense with chokers or bracelets, engagement rings are never lacking on the big day. There are also many who take advantage of this moment to wear familiar pieces, with a strong emotional charge, or jewelry that stops them have a very special meaning. “From my point of view it is the most important thing. It is the finishing touch to the look that the bride has chosen but, in addition, it is the only complement that, after the event, the bride will continue to wear, lasting forever as a reminder of that day, “notes Jonathan. Furthermore, Gabriel continues, “they have a very important symbolic charge and on many occasions they are received as a gift and even a family inheritance for that special and unforgettable moment, and will be part of the bride’s life forever. “