Bathroom Renovation: How to increase the area without redevelopment

Bathroom Renovation: How to increase the area without redevelopment

February 11, 2021 Off By Rob Prosser

Optical illusions can work wonders. This article will provide the reader with a number of tricks to visually enlarge a small bathroom for your bathroom renovation.

A bathroom is a place where you don’t spend so much time. However, downplaying its importance is unforgivable. Here you can be alone with your thoughts, have a little rest, and relax under warm streams of water or in clubs of fragrant foam. Therefore, the desire to make the bathroom renovation is more comfortable and increase it at least visually is clear to everyone.

What tricks will help bring your plans for this small room to life?

There are four key points to bet on: color, light, mirror surfaces, and filling (furniture and plumbing).

What can be done in terms of color scheme?

From school, it is known that light colors and shades, blurring clear boundaries, visually increase the size. Therefore, in small spaces, only pastel colors and surfaces with a glossy sheen are appropriate.

On light-faced walls, laconic vertical and horizontal ornaments will take on part of the task and visually stretch the bathroom space. If you want to increase only one of the parameters of the room (either height or width), then use only one direction. For example, a horizontal stripe will expand the space, while a vertical stripe will create a “high ceiling” effect.

A light stretch ceiling will allow you to make the room higher (a glossy surface will enhance the effect).

How to use mirror surfaces of bathroom renovation?

Even a small mirror can add depth to tight spaces. But playing with a lot of mirrored surfaces will produce more effect. Reflecting light and surroundings, mirrors expand the space, filling it with light and volume. Therefore, do not be afraid to attract all shiny surfaces possible for you: mirrors on walls, ceilings, furniture. Light glossy tiles will have the same reflective effect.

Lighting design for bathroom renovation

The correct lighting design works wonders in creating an optical increase in space. But it is worth paying special attention to the word “correct”. Instead of a large ceiling light, it is preferable to install point light sources at different levels. This will make it possible to divide the bathroom into separate areas in terms of brightness, which will create a visual illusion that increases the area of ​​the room.

If possible, make the most of daylight. It is better not to use curtains for windows. If nevertheless such a need arises, purchase translucent and lightweight fabrics of light color.

There is another great solution: a false window. The simply magical effect of expanding a small space will create a picture on the wall that mimics the view from a window. You will get more than you expected if you skillfully work on the design of this illusion (light, blinds, or light curtains).

Furniture and plumbing for bathroom renovation

Do not use large cabinets and shelves for the bathroom renovation. To free up space, built-in-furniture that matches the color of the overall mood of the bathroom renovation is suitable. This option is possible if there are niches.

If not, buy hanging furniture, corner shelves and shelving.

Glass shelves will not add free space, but they will make the space light, filled with air.

The choice of plumbing should be done especially carefully. Buy plumbing systems designed specifically for small bathrooms. In addition, space will be freed up if you place a corner sink and bathtub (alternatively, a shower stall will do).

Go ahead and install a shower panel with a durable glass sliding partition (significant space-saving).

Large objects create a big problem: a washing machine, a water heater. The ideal solution would be to install them outside a small bathroom. For example, in the kitchen.

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