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Optometry & Low Vision

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Welcome To Alan Johnston
Optometry & Low Vision

Dr. Alan Johnston is an optometrist experienced in the optical and electronic management of moderate to severe low vision. Our services include the assessment of complex or unusual refractive errors and the prescription of appropriate spectacle, contact lens or magnification options. We advise on the visual eligibility of drivers with vision impairment to meet AustRoads requirements for restricted or limited licences.

We provide iRo lenses for patients with certain hereditary colour vision abnormalities and assess colour aptitude for a patient’s vocational suitability for colour demanding occupations. We welcome new patients. Our new practice facility at Eyes On Collins is conveniently located, 50 m from Southern Cross station in the Melbourne CBD.

The Crest

Our practice is represented by the eagle, an icon signifying acute vision.

For patients with vision impairment, we strive to improve vision to restore or enhance some quality of life, even if perfect, acute vision is unattainable.

In Heraldry, the symbolism of the eagle signifies a response that is ‘speedy in apprehension and judicious in matters of ambiguity’. Alan Johnston Optometry & Low Vision aspires to meet this goal for our quality of service.

Our Latin credo, ‘Sino visum prævaleo in posterus’ translates as: May vision endure into the future.

Alan Johnston Optometry & Low Vision strives to make this hope of continuing, practical vision a reality. Call our friendly staff today with any questions or to schedule a consultation!

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